The baby elephant fell down on his back, what the big elephants did is UNBELIVABLE!


3-24-2015 1-11-14 PM

As usual, baby elephants want to play, they are cute and sweat. What happened in this video is amazing, this cute calf wanted to play, but she wasn’t lucky at all at doing that, the poor baby has fallen on her back and was in need for help. This video that has been captured for the poor calf in Zurich Switzerland inside their Kaeng Krachan elephant park, shows Omysha the baby elephant girl who lives with her parents Maxi and Indi and 7seven adult Asian elephants, she fell on her back after she lost her footing, the baby was terrified, so the adults have come quickly to help the poor baby, they rush to her using their trunks and roll her back. The zoo clarifies that Asian elephants are endangered, because the farmers needed that land in their habitat and there are only 40000 elephants in the entire continent. Also the zoo reports that the elephants eat several pounds of sodium chloride bran, branches, foliage and carrots a day. The animals’ instinct is so strong to save their relatives and beloved ones as we saw severely how many animals, not only elephants, rescue their sons, even their owners.


I really enjoyed seeing the lovely animals who tried to save their lovely baby who’s terribly in need for their help. This lesson from those elephants is to the humans who can’t live together, causing a lot of problems for no reasons. Try to live life, try to be helpful, and try to be tolerant. If you liked what those kindhearted elephants did, just hit like on our Facebook page and don’t forget to share the video with your friends, maybe this video will be a lesson for one of them, how those animals have the hugest body and the cutest heart in the same time.