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The Best Cat Breeds for Me (And for You as Well)

Is there only one Best Cat Breed? The short answer: No.

It may be debatable what cat breed is the best for every person. A young couple may love active, out-going cats that love exploring their environment. Well-aged women may search for a calm cat that is good with children when the grandkids are visiting.

One way or another it boils down to a few characteristics that all of us want to find in our feline friends.




Personally, this is probably the most important feature to me. Both of my cats (Vanta and Ozpin) are strays.

One literally showed up on our doorstep, like a blessing from above.

Some days those two couldn’t be more different.

However, a key element that both my felines share is their love- well demand, really- for cuddles.

Whether it is seething hot on summer nights or freezing cold in the winter, they want those cuddles.



Sense of adventure



Are you into outdoor hikes? Do you love long walks on the beach? Do you just want to have a companion at your side that doesn’t need regular going out but will still join you on those weekend trips?

Yes, you do. A cats sense of adventure is one of their more intriguing characteristics. If you are looking for such a buddy, here are the Best Cat Breeds for you:

Best Cat Breeds


Best Cat Breeds Bengal cat
Bengal kitten playing with fish

Bengal cats are awesome. They are fiercely loyal with an overwhelming amount of positive energy packed into their small bodies.

Forests? These cats are all up for going on a long hike.

Beach vacation? They love water! Truly this cat is one of the Best Cat Breeds that an active and out-going person could ask for.

In conclusion: these felines are awesome.


Best Cat Breeds Bengal cat

First of all, Suki, the travelling Bengal cat
(Credit: Mymodernmet)

However, this doesnt mean that they arent up for cuddles. Getting warm and cozy around the chimney with you is definitely one of their favourite pastimes.

The Abyssinian and the Bombay are also candidates for this.

However, they have many more qualities that can impress as you will find out below.





Who doesn’t want a friendly cat? In order for a family to function properly everyone must get along well with others. Therefore,Politeness and charisma are therefore crucial features to possess. Here are some of the Best Cat Breeds in this case:


Best Cat Breeds Persian
A relaxed Persian cat


Best Cat Breeds Persian 2
Can you say no to this look?

Persians aren’t only beautiful, they are also one of the Best Cat Breeds to own if you have boisterous children. They have a friendly and calm nature and can be very patient.

Persians have very soft fur which can feel like the softest blanket when they lay on your chest to cuddle you.



2. Sphynx

Best Cat Breeds Sphynx kittens
two cute Sphynx kitten, ready to love you.
Best Cat Breeds Sphynx cat
A fully-grown Spynx cat

The Sphynx cat is unique in character and looks. Due to its hairless appearance, it has gained popularity with households that don’t like excess hair on their clothes which is understandable.

Furthermore, they are extremely friendly and simply adore cuddling their favourite people in the world (ie. You).





Even though the definition of intelligence may not be the same for everyone, there are some cats that simply love mind-boggling games.

They also love learning new tricks, such as fetch, or exploring. These felines tend to be curious characters with a desire to learn something new every day.



Best Cat Breeds Bombay cat
Adorable Bombay cat

This little black panther loves games. Being one of the most loyal cat breeds, they often like exploring their home on their owners shoulders. This vantage point allows them to see things they couldnt have seen from the ground level before.

So, it comes with no surprise that Bombay cats enjoy sitting in high places or finding out new tricks to move around their territory.

Last but not least, this cat is also 100% good at giving cuddles and being a loyal companion.

Spoiler: you can find this beauty in 5 Reasons Why Black Cats Are The Best.



Best Cat Breeds Tonkinese
A stunning Tokinese cat

This breed is a cross breed between a Burmese and a Siamese.

Furthermore, they enjoy heights and do love a good game of fetch. They are described as having “dog-like” characters and a gentle purr, similar to that of their Burmese relatives.

Tonkinese cats always have different coat patterns,. This is thanks to their genetic variation. Additionally, it also means this beautiful breed comes in all stunning colours that a Burmese or Siamese would.

Last but not least, they are intelligent and people-oriented and a great choice for active families.

Best Cat Breeds



Getting along with others


When you are planning to add a new feline to your family, you want to make sure that they are compatible with the current members.

It is not fair to the new cat or your current family members otherwise.

Obviously, you don’t want to have to give back your new cat, so make sure they will fit into your home just fine.

Additionally, getting a cat is a great way to teach your children about patience and how it is to care about other living beings. Cats are usually low maintenance as they dont require regular walks and can get used to the hustle and bustle of everyday family life.

In this case active cat breeds may be the best option, but you should always teach your children to be kind and gentle with them a sall living creatures have mood swings or bad days.

If you have children, dogs or another cat, here are some of the Best Cat Breeds for you:


1.Abyssinian Cat

Best Cat Breeds Abyssinian cat
A cute Abyssinian cat being held

First of all, they are loyal and affectionate cats. The are pretty smart as well, which means you and your kids can easily teach them some tricks. Additionally, this is rewarding for your child as they see their hard work paying off.

Also, Abyssinian (I often feel like I am misspelling their name) get along great with canines and other felines.

In conclusion: this makes them one of the Best Cat Breeds.



2. Maine Coon

Best Cat Breeds Maine Coon Kitten
A Maine Coon kitten playing

Firstly, with the nickname “the friendly giant”, this cat breed is a great all-rounder as they can deal well with the fast-paced life we live nowadays. Additionally, they are patient and love attention.

They live well with dogs. Whether this is mainly because of their calm nature or their large sizes, I am not sure.

Furthermore, Maine Coons also have a water-repellent coat.

I don’t think I have to explain why this is great around toddlers.



As I said before, there is not a single perfect cat breed. We all are different and unique, so we should give our cats the chance to be too. If you have the purrfect companion at your side and would like to share your story, leave it in the comments. Read you next time!