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The Funniest Dog Videos: Protecting Babies In 2015

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Innocence and pure love are definitely words that we describe babies and dogs with. The dogs’ love and loyalty are unconditional, they love you no matter what. They take care of you, protect and guard you as well!

Relationship between babies and dogs has no boundaries. Dogs automatically feel a sense of responsibility for these little humans. Their bonds are far beyond incredible!

In this video, it is clear that dogs are the best guards of babies. They protect them non-stop, they even refuse the parents to approach! It seems like the dogs feel these babies are private property!

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Here is another video 

This dog and baby are best friends, their relation is priceless

Lots of parents feel a little worried about their babies when they have dogs at home. For those who are worried, this video is for you, because the dog and his baby friend have an amazing friendship, and it’s priceless. They have endless fun, they play together with toys, run and play around, the beagle dog loves to shower the baby with kisses, they also celebrate Halloween together.  The dog cares for the baby, when she falls, the beagle dog runs towards her to offer his assistance, nothing is more sweeter than watching this priceless relation.

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One more cute video

Singing buddies! Watch this dog and baby duet!

When a baby and a dog are in a room, you will notice the positive energy that is in the atmosphere. They always know how to make everyone have a proper laugh, and that’s why this owner recorded this video for us. It honestly made my day.

This video is so adorable. It’s all about a baby and a dog.  The dog starts howling, and then shuts up for the baby to take his turn. The baby sings along the dog’s rhythm but quite differently, still cute anyway!

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