The Best Way To Teach Your Dog Where To Pee and To Stop Him From Peeing Inside

Two german shepherd puppies sitting side by side on red blanket


One of dog owners’ struggles is the peeing problem. It’s always a struggle to teach your dog where to pee when you don’t want it to pee inside of your house, hence the smell and everything. Not all dog owners know how to teach dogs where to pee, which might lead to the dog getting all stubborn and won’t pay attention to the orders given to them. So here we will help you with how you should train your dog on peeing in the right place; it’s a very easy way, it just needs patience, and extra treats. First, here’s a fact about toilet training.

“Babies, whenever they need to pee, they go. Just like babies, whenever puppies will need to go pee, they will go. However, your job is to take them outside before they pee inside, and if you fail, blame yourself, not your dog.”

At a very young age, 8 weeks or so, a puppy’s bladder is so small that they can only hold on for 30 minutes, so you must be quick to notice and patient. After a meal, puppies will often need to pee within a minute so always take them outside after the meal. You should also take them outside right after they wake up, and before they go to sleep.

Two german shepherd puppies sitting side by side on red blanket

The best way to show your dogs where you want them to pee is to show them the correct place. The best way to this is to take them out to that specific place when they need to pee, and while they do, praise them. You will be amazed by how quick they will learn if you give them a treat every time they pee in the right place.

You should never rub a puppy’s nose in it to teach the puppy a lesson. A puppy’s nose is 1000 times more sensitive than a human’s nose, and rubbing it in will never teach them anything. They will simply not process what exactly did they do wrong, and will pee the next time in a place that is out of sight, like behind a couch.

Teaching our lovely pets is not an easy thing, it’s a responsibility that needs patience and love, so do not harm your dogs. Share this helpful information with your family and friends.