The Boy, His Sister And Their Dog Took The Nap Time To A Whole New Level

8-2-2015 9-56-49 PM

It’s amazing to raise your kids on the love of animal and their pets, it’s adorable to see them playing around you all the time. You find yourself following them all the time taking photos of them. This is what that woman did, here is Jessica Shyba. It all started when she adopted an abandoned dog that is named Theo, when she brought the dog to the house, she never imagined that the dog and her baby would have that bond. Now, both of them are the internet sensation. Their photos have went viral on the internet showing a new phase of the deep relation between dogs and babies.

One day, baby Evvietook her daily nap time; her brother Beau and Theo the dog come and slept beside her. On the first time, Jessica found the scene cute, so she took the first photo, but she found them repeating this day by day, so every day she took a nap photo of them, it’s truly adorable.

Here in this link we will share some of the best photos of them taking a nap.

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