The cat and the dog are so fascinated by the chipmunk. It’s adorable

7-5-2015 12-40-21 AM

Dogs are the definitely fun to have around the house, their lovely spirit and their playfulness just keeps the house alive. As for cats, they are the big babies of the house, cuddling up and purring and keeping everyone happy and warm! So, there’s no doubt that having a dog and a cat together in one house is the best combination ever.

There’s a misconception that cats and dogs don’t actually get along very well, but videos like this one prove to us the exact opposite. Dogs and cats can actually be best friends if they are introduced the right way, and especially if they are introduced to each other at a young age.

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In this video you will see two adorable buddies having some fun at home. This cat and dog are obviously best friends and they love to do everything together. Their playtime was interrupted by this adorable little chipmunk sitting outside the screen door!

The way these two can’t take their eyes off the chipmunk is just hilarious.They were so fascinated by that small, unfamiliar creature, eating on their porch. It’s as if they were both surprised at the fact that there are other animals in the world that are not cats or dogs! Isn’t it just hilarious?

Oh man, I am so glad I was not in the chipmunk’s shoes! He must have felt so embarrassed being watched by these two sets of fascinated eyes, I’m sure if we can zoom in, we just might be able to see the chipmunk blushing!

7-5-2015 12-42-58 AM

Adorable isn’t it? My heart melts every time I see a dog and cat video. We are so glad for the owner for raising such two well behaved pets who have such a controlled temper.

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