The cat is giving the little kitten some advices about the new family member!

It's not a normal commercial, it's hilarious!

Another advertisement of the advertising camping Friskies Company for cat’s food! Dear Kitten is a video segment about an old cat, and about the new little kitten that came to the house to live with the rest of the family. So then, the older cat explains to the little kitten some of the things that go on in the house. This time, the commercial is back with another story; they have a new dog friend; a new member has come to the house, so the cat started to give advices to the kitten. The best parts of this commercial is when the cat said that the dog might eat from our food, but when he does , their owner locked him in jail, and it’s the best time for them to enjoy their delicious food. The idea of the commercial is very beautiful; it’s based on a real interaction between the cat, the little kitten, and the dog. All of them are cute and adorable; you will enjoy watching this commercial. Also if you are feeding your pet dry food, you will understand what happens in the video. When the can just open or if you just shake the dry food box, your cat will come running.

The cat is giving the little kitten some advices about the new family member!

Whatever the commercial said, dogs and cats can be best buddies. They are seriously adorable; dogs and cats have this special relation, we don’t know any basics of the bond that is between them, but whatever it is, this bond is perfect in every single way. They always surprise us with their actions and stories. I believe that there is no enmity between dogs and cats.

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