The Cheetah Approaches Him, And You Won’t Believe What She Did Next

8-23-2015 7-13-54 PM

The animal kingdom is undoubtedly the most wonderful and surprising thing. It is great to have a chance to learn more and more about the wonders of it, it is a place for many scenes that just make our mouths drop because of how amazing and unusual they are. But no matter how weird and unusual the scenes are, we can always be sure that mother nature always has something even more weird and unusual to show us. If you know all that then you should also know that the animal kingdom is full of surprises. You never know when you’re about to encounter something amazing, or in this case, adorable!

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For many of us, cats are our favorite pets. And because of that, we can’t help but be fascinated and in love with not only our little furry friends, but also the big wild cats!This video highlights the similarities that are between the big cats and the small ones. This amazing video was taken by Dolph C. Volker in South Africa. As a part of his job, he gets to form special relationships with those amazing big cats.

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In the video you will see him having an affectionate cuddle session with a 3 year old cheetah named Eden. My favorite thing about the video was how you could hear Eden purring as she licked Volker. Like most house cats, cheetahs also love to do “love bites” in order to express their affection. However, their bites can be more than just that, so Volker has to be extra careful.

It was so heartwarming to see how kind and sweet the cheetah was. I can’t help but be jealous of that lucky man!Watch the adorable cuddle session below and don’t forget to share it with your family and friends.