The coolest and the most hilarious funny dog videos ever.

funny dog videos

It’s the funniest, the coolest, the most hysterical and hilarious funny dog videos you will ever see. It’s a nice compilation of cute and funny dogs that are actually doing the weirdest stuff ever. In these funny dog videos, you will see a dog that attacks a stuffed animal or popping up a balloon, I don’t know why dogs are very attracted to balloons; stuffed animals and balloons are dogs’ best friend.  You will be surprised if you knew that balloon popping got a record; a dog named Anastasia had popped about 100 balloons in 44.9 seconds, and this number was recorded in Guinness World Record, after that record, she appeared in lots of advertisements and print campaigns.

In these funny dog videos, you will find dogs attracted also to socks. At 0:42, you will see the cutest dog ever who is moving his paws in a very cute way while he is swimming, it seemed that he is enjoying his time. The dog that appears on 0:56 at these funny dog videos is an epic, he is wearing a bee costume and it looks completely cute.

The coolest and the most hilarious funny dog videos ever.

These funny dog videos are not just about dogs, it contains some cats and dogs videos. In 1:20, you will see the cutest dog and cat video ever, they are hugging each other, and the cat is licking him. As for the treats, dogs go crazy. In 2:03, that adorable lazy one who was actually sleeping but when his owner came closer with a treat, and passed it through the dog’s nose to smell it, he woke up and ate it. Maybe you can use this trick to wake your dog up if you have a lazy one. All dogs in these funny dog videos are just hilarious, all of them are funny, cute, and they will make you laugh out loud.

And the fun won’t stop by the end of these funny dog videos, you have to watch this adorable dogs’ compilation of the funniest moments they have done that will blow your mind. Also don’t forget to watch this incredible video of dogs that are playing dead after their owners used the secret word “BANG”, you will find also in there how to train your dog to play dead. Enjoy watching.