The Dog Attacked The Officer And Bit Him, What He Did Then Was Beyond Amazing


In the time we see officers who are shooting and mistreating dogs especially when dogs become nervous towards them, lately we have been seeingno one thinking about why dogs become like this, they are forgetting about how the dog was threatened or scared and why he is biting. It’s a scary terrifying moment! But this officer thought first before he reacted. He thought about how scared the dog is and the reason behind his biting, and instead of trying to stop her or hurting her, he soothed her.


It all started when Officer Randall Frederick was bit by this dog when she thought he was an intruder, the dog bit him because as she thinks, she is protecting the four-year-old baby from the intruder. What the officer did was a very wise act, he didn’t use his weapon, he just used his mind, all what he wanted was to give a chance for the dog to calm down, and because he knew that she was biting him because she is protecting the baby. The officer went back up trying to calm the dog down.


The family called the police after some neighbor disturbance, so when they police officer arrived, the boy opened the door for him, and the dog was beside him, so their dog reacted like this. As the owner of the dog said, the dog is highly protective; he also thanked the officer for what he did to his dog. The officer was injured as the dog had bit him twice, but as he said, it’s important to focus and think before reacting to a dog’s bite.

We are appreciating what this officer had done, watch the full news report in the video, and if you find it an amazing story, share it with your family and friends.