The Dog Just Had Puppies – Must Watch What Dad Does With his French Bulldog puppies

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And here’s another video that clearly shows that dogs are amazing. This amazing French bulldog decides that it’s time to teach his little puppies how to play. He runs around the room with his little puppies in his wake. They roll over, jump around and do all sorts of silly stuff!

What’s amazing about this homemade clip is that the dad has so much patience with his little ones. He doesn’t seem to get bored or tired. The little puppies jump all over him, press their faces against his and fool around him. However our French bulldog daddy seems to be quite happy about. He even looks like he’s having fun too.

Fatherhood is an amazing gift to all kinds of beings, humans and animals. However, not all humans seem to appreciate such bounty from God. Some fathers walk out on their kids and leave them to grow up with no father.

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Some fathers make their children’s life a hard one by beating, insulting and abusing them. Others may provide their kids with all they need in life except fatherhood. The think of themselves as mobile banks and forget that their kids need their time more than their money.

What kids need from their fathers is the sense of security, love, mercy and friendship. This French bulldog seems to understand what fatherhood is all about more than most humans happen to do. He plays with his puppies. He is patient. He is kind and merciful. He loves them, which is absolutely adorable. This French bulldog is such a sweetheart. He is an excellent example for how a loving father should behave and act towards his kids.

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