The dog went to bring his owner’s drink, you won’t believe what comes out of the fridge.

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I think nothing is more amazing than having a well – trained dog that can help you in anything; it needs lots of effort from you. What this dog did for his owner is adorable. His owner ordered him to bring something from the fridge, some well-trained dogs open the fridge by themselves and bring the thing they are ordered with and close the fridge. But this dog made it in a very special way. The dog opened the refrigerator, stayed inside of it and the fridge door closed on him, after seconds, the owner opened the fridge for the dog and he came out with the bottle in his mouth. What a smart dog, what he did is so sweet. I have no doubt that every dog’s owner wants a dog like this one.

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The video was uploaded on YouTube and it had lots of controversial around it, some viewers commented that the fridge should be cleaned after what the dog did, and it shouldn’t be a normal thing for the dog to enter the fridge because it’s not a place for the dog to sit in, some other viewers said, what if the dog did something like this and no one was in the house? Would he stay locked inside the fridge, it’s a very dangerous thing for him to handle.

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