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The father was terrified that his dog would do something to his newborn baby, but this story took unexpected turns and twists.


Many dog owners are terrified when they are having a baby, they are scared that their dog would somehow hurt their baby, and they might end up giving up on the dog. However, what these parents don’t know is that no one will ever protect your baby like your dog will. There’s a reason why dogs are called a man’s best friend, and many, many stories have proven that.

This man and his wife had two dogs before they were married, Sam and Zack. His wife’s dog was a Pit bull/Labrador mix, Zack, and the dog hated the dad. And so when they delivered their first baby girl, the father said that if he makes a reaction other than kissing, then he is out of the house. When they brought the baby girl home, Zack didn’t do anything but lick her, and they actually had to take him away because he wouldn’t leave her. Zack from that moment became the girl’s protector, and an unbreakable bond was formed, and when she sleeps on a blanket on the floor, he always has to have one foot on the blanket.


When the girl became a little older, it became a habit for Zack to walk her to bed, and then sleep next to her. Zack, obviously, loved the girl immensely. However, good things never really continue existing in this world. Some dirt bag neighbors poisoned Zack, and the little girl was heartbroken, seeing her dog not moving, nor breathing. It was the family’s worst day, and it was very hard to say goodbye. The wife and her husband were sobbing.

That night, the girl walked to the stairs to go to bed. That moment, they all realized what is really happening. After 5 years, the girl did not have Zack to walk with her upstairs and sleep next to her. She looked at her mother and the father with a look full of horror and panic.


Then something unexpected happened. Sam, the father’s dog, who also loved the little girl wholeheartedly, walked over to her and nudged her with his head. He started going upstairs, and looked up to the girl. That’s when the girl put her hand on his neck, and they walked upstairs together.

For the next 6 years, Sam did that every day, until the day he died.

This story does not do anything but describe the true meaning of love and loyalty.