The Fospice program helps senior dogs to find foster homes before crossing Rainbow Bridge


Daisy the elderbull. Photo credit: Foster Dogs NYC

When people become old, they need more care and support. We should care for them to make their life comfortable in their finally years or months. This is the same for dogs; they need a special care in their final days, when they become old they need special treatment and exercises. Because of that, Foster Dogs NYC decided to care about those old dogs; they provided a program called “Fospice” which means foster. The program is focusing on the ill dogs and the senior dogs, they take those dogs from the shelters, and they send them to foster homes so they receive more care and love than the care that shelters offer. They live in those foster homes for whatever time left for them.

Too many old dogs whose situation leads them to be in shelters die because lack of enough care for them, and some others get euthanized because no one is ready to adopt a senior dog that is not healthy enough. Senior dogs and ill dogs need a special medical treatment. But being in a foster home will provide them more love and care till they cross the rainbow bridge.

The Fospice program started in July 2013, with the cute pit bull named Daisy, she was used in a dog fight, and she was saved and lived with her family.

Meet Biscuit, the pit bull dog who had tumors all over his body, he got only 3 weeks left to live, she was sent to the foster home and lived there happily till she passed away.


Biscuit: Photo credit: Foster Dog NYC

What a wonderful thing to save a helpless dog and care for him in his last days, it’s amazing to give those helpless dogs much love before they die after all what they faced in their life.

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