The incredible benefits of dog massage


Just like any loving pet owner, I’m sure that I should be constantly looking out for the health of my canine friend. I know that I’m the one responsible for his well-being. Nevertheless, I did not realize that I might have that large degree of control over his physical health.

According to Heal Animal Massage Therapy, “Besides the regular scheduled visits to vet, massage therapy is a very effective way in treating variable health issues, and it is also helpful for addressing certain health issues that your pet could have already.”

Same as humans have reflexology points that can maintain their bodies healthy when massaged; dogs also have many points on their bodies that can be very helpful to their health. Massaging these specific spots on your dog’s body has been proven to have a good effect on their very specific systems and organs.

Read this exclusive article to find out the benefits of dog massage, and to learn where exactly you should massage them to get the specific health results you want for them.

Although the following massages should never take the place of the medical advices of a veterinarian, I’m sure that you will love to try out them. I’m also sure that your canine companions will absolutely enjoy the physical attention as well as they will love that luxurious bonding time!

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How to massage your dog

The dog massage is quite simple; slowly touch your dog’s body with a flat palm with paying your attention to feel all the layers from their hair ending up to bones, going through their skin and muscles. Gently rub the larger muscles, and squeeze their lower legs with your fingers wrapped around them. The full body petting is always perfect to end up any massage session. That is all; it is easy, isn’t it? Besides, it worth a serious try!

1. Stress And Anxiety


The parts of your dog’s body that is more related to anxiety and stress are their ears. According to the Life & Dog, the ears and the ears’ flaps massage can relieve stress and invigorate their entire body.

You can help your dog combating stress, anxiety, as well as overall fatigue through paying close attention to massaging their ears.

2. Nervous System And Stomach Health


Sometimes your dog needs you to do for them more than simply scratching over their head. Giving a head massage to your dog can be incredibly beneficial for their stomach and nervous system. According to Iheartdogs.com, “the dog’s cranial area and their nervous system are directly correlated.”

According to Life & Dog, your dog’s bladder, gallbladder, and stomach are correlated with pressure points near their eyes.