The little calf fell down into the well; the mother elephant did the unthinkable to save him.

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Every day we see a video that shows how the mother instinct is very strong in elephants and may lead the mother elephant to do anything to save her baby, whatever it takes. This video was captured in the Chatra district in India, a very horrible and scary thing happened to baby elephant, a baby elephant fell into a well. The mother elephant was totally scared and started to cry, that the people living in the place listened to her cries and came around to see what happened, for a complete 11 hours, the elephant was very worried about her calf. But the mother elephant didn’t stand helpless; she started to pull the little baby buy digging and pulling him out by her trunk and feet. She kept on trying for 11 hours, but thankfully at the end, her attempts succeed and she saved the baby calf and got him out. Later, the people helped to give the mother and her baby the first aids. It was a horrible night that both the mother and her calf had, but it doesn’t matter now because they are safe now.


Elephants are very smart and strong animals. There are only two types of elephants, African elephants, where both males and females have tusks and the Asian elephant where only the male elephant have tusks. Elephant’s life span is about 44 years. Elephants are the biggest mammals in the world. Sometimes elephants use their tusks to dig for water and food. Surprisingly, elephants can drink about 210 liter of water daily. The elephant trunk can reach about 2 meters, and it can weigh till 140 kg. The elephant’s ear is big and thin; it’s all made from blood vessels, which actually helps the elephant to reach the normal body temperature.

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