The Luz survival, an amazing recovery story.

10-1-2014 1-54-44 AM

It feels so amazing when you see a dog that was very close to death but now healthy and safe; this is what happened for Luz. Luz is a Dachshund dog; amazingly, a vet had found her on Christmas day who was abandoned in an alleyway. She was under a box with a blanket on her, she was lost and she didn’t know what is happening around her, and she was near to death and suffering from seizures which is a kind of electrical storm in the brain, so hopeless.

 The Luz survival, an amazing recovery story.

In the Animal Medical Center of Southern California, are the people whom are specialized in those cases, decided to save Luz’s life. She had been through lots of tests and medical treatments. And her life began to get better, in the second day of treatment, the seizures had stopped. She started to walk in a week, and in a month she was running all over the place happily, and in two months she was completely recovered from her disorders. Finally she lived as a normal dog. Her personality was cute and amazing, she is running and jumping everywhere and twisting her body.

After staying in the hospital for 8 months, it was the time to find a safe home, and that what she deserves. A woman adopted her and she gave her the name Olivia and called her Liv. Liv now is living happily ever after in a safe home full of love and kindness, her owner said that she can’t live without her.