The most adorable animals in a video compilation! Your smile will be so wide!

2-9-2015 11-44-24 PM

Animals are simply amazing. They are adorable, and they always amuse us with their funny and cute acts. We even sometimes see videos for animals that we want to have as pets, but we know we can’t. In this video, you will see various types of adorable animals that will make your smile so huge, and you will keep saying “awww” till the end of the video.

1-Lion cubs. This adorable lion cub is yawning or meowing, and he looks totally cute!

2-Elephant calf. This lovely elephant calf is hugging the zoo keeper, but his idea of hugs is hundred percent wrong.

3-Baby orangutan. This baby orangutan made me “awww” a little bit too long, he is adorable!

4-Baby sloth. He is trying to climb what seems to be a table, I want him now in my home!

5-Bear cub. This bear cub is totally hungry! It shows how he is feeding from a milk bottle, he is so lovely.

6-Koala Joey. Koalas are known for their laziness. And these two look too lazy to even move! They are adorable.

7-Seal pup. His puppy eyes left me awestruck!!!

8-Pygmy Marmoset. This adorable one is eating on his friend’s back, and he looks absolutely heartwarming.

9-Tiger cub. This tiger cub is playing with a ball, he is so playful!

10-Bobcat kitten. I want this kitten right now! Her eyes are mesmerizing!

11-Panda cubs. These panda cubs are having the time of their lives sliding down this slide! And the way the climb it is just adorable.

12-Bear cub. This bear cub is sneezing in an adorable and hilarious way!

13-Fennec Fox babies. These babies are taking a bath and oh, my god! They are so tiny and adorable!!!

14-Mountain goat kids. Those mountain goat kids are playing on a tree, they are so lovely and playful!

15-Lion cubs. Look how adorable they are!! These siblings are so cute!

16-Alpaca Cria. How she sniffs and gets close to the cat is so cute! What a unique friendship!

17-Deer Fawn. Fawns are so cute, and this one is definitely as cute.

18-Lastly, Hedgehog pup getting rubbed in the stomach, he was having the time of his life.