The new Coca Cola commercial is all about the relation between a dog and his owner, and it’s magical.

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Owning a dog is not just a life changing thing for him, it’s for you in the first place, dogs teach us lots of morals, we find ourselves learning lots of things from our dogs every day, one of them, is to take it easy, and to enjoy life no matter what. They teach us also to live life like it’s an adventure that’s full of joy and excitement. This is what that commercial is all about, it’s full of happiness, it’s showing how amazing dogs are.

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This new commercial by Coca Cola is showing us that we should live life like them, enjoy our time like them and see life with their eyes. The commercial is a cartoon animation type. That man is taking his dog out for a walk, after the dog invited him to go out while he was sitting bored at home, reading the newspaper. The man accepted the invitation of his dog and while they were walking together, the dog saw some beautiful things around him, or somethings that is interesting for him, so he kept on running and playing, the dog was very curious. While the dog was running, the man lost control on the leash and he hit the Coca Cola machine, and accidently he got one, and it was magical, it seems that the man saw colors like his dog, so he took off the leash from his dog’s neck and got the ball and they played together. This is more than just a commercial, it will change the way you look at life.

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Dogs are amazing, they teach us to live life easily and enjoy every second of it, they teach us also that the tiniest and the smallest things can bring you so much happiness.

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