The Optical Illusion Dress Is Back! The Two Sided Halloween Outfit Is The Best Choice For Both Teams


No one can forget the dress that went viral all over the social media last February; the one thing that everyone was talking about was the color of the “dress”.  Lots of people said that it’s black and blue, others said it’s white and gold. The internet and social media went ballistic, even celebrities started to gossip about it, everyone was arguing about it.


People were divided into two groups since then, the black&blue team and the white&gold team.  After lots of discussions, the final result was that the dress was actually black and blue. The original company that designed the dress “Roman Originals” announced that the sales of the dress were historical after the battle started on internet.


But the thing that we didn’t expect is that the dress inspired designers to create a Halloween costume using the controversy nature of the dress.  They collaborated both dresses in one, one side was blue and black the other white and gold.  The dress is now sold on Yandy.  It’s an amazing idea, and they expect high number of sales.  And right they are! The dress was retailed for $46.95, and was sold out before the Halloween season even started.  It is guessed that the company will restock the dress in time for those Halloween shoppers who missed it.

Talking about Yandy and the Halloween costumes, there are many other costumes that will amaze you due to their creativity and unique designs.  Like the “Sexy” Donald Trump, the Candy Crush costume, and the Poop emoji dress. So many items are on sale now for this year’s Halloween parties.



If you liked the idea of this new dress, share it now with your friends, and start saving your pennies to buy it!