The owner started to blow bubbles; his pit bull’s reaction was unexpected.

12-12-2014 8-54-31 PM

Dogs’ reactions towards our stuff is very funny, and this Pit bull will give you the chance to see the most hilarious and funny video of all. We think some times that this tough body dog is strong and doesn’t go with simple stuff, but this Pit bull dog gave us the chance to think again about dogs’ interests. In this video, only bubbles have the magic of transforming dogs to cute puppies and this is what happened here when the owner of this Pit bull dog started to blow bubbles. The Pit bull dog had gone completely mad about the bubbles, he is jumping high, flipping, and rolling around to catch the bubbles or maybe pop it up. Watch the video below, and once you finish it just spread the joy and share it with your family and friends.

Pit bulls are one of the best dogs; it’s my favorite breed because of their amazing morals. Pit bulls are emotional; they are very socializing, calm, and confident. They can be loyal family members, and they respect their owners, and have deep love for children. They are also strong and powerful. Pit bull dogs are “people-haters” or “people- eaters”, they are very aggressive, and that makes Pit bull dogs used for dog fights. Pit bull’s weight is from 10 to 35 kg and about 35 to 60 cm height, with a life span of about 12 years average, and their litter size are from 5 to 10 puppies. Pit bull puppies ‘coat is very smooth and short haired which is easy to groom, you need to own a brush, and also use shampoo to bath them. Pit bull dogs must have regular exercises, which will need plenty of time, also daily long walks. In fact, Pit bulls are not a good idea for those who will not give much attention to their dogs.