The Pink Dolphin Was Seen Again, And She Might be Pregnant

9-9-2015 3-14-47 AM

Yes girls, there is a pink dolphin, and it’s real, not a part of a science fiction movie or a cartoon. In 2007, a pink dolphin appeared and shocked everyone, and now the pink dolphin is back, and she is prettier than ever, she is still healthy and she is still pink like she was seen in the first time.

A dolphin giving birth was caught on camera and it’s totally amazing

She is named Pinky; she is living in the Calcasieu River, in Louisiana. Pinky was located in the river swimming beside her mom. Her color was not typically pink and the truth behind that pink skin is coming from the blood vessels under her layer, and it’s masked with the skin pigments, and because a lot of blood vessels and capillaries are in the skin of the dolphin, so when their temperature increase, the blood vessels expand, so the pink color apparently appears. So that glamour pink color comes from the blood. That circulation of blood vessels happens normally to all dolphins but because of the color of their skin, it doesn’t appear.

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A cute dolphin jumps up to give the dog a few kisses

Pinky is healthy and good; year by year she is located and looks amazingly wonderful, Pinky was discovered eight years ago, and each time she is seen, she amazes everyone. But the happy news is that the pink dolphin might be pregnant, we hope that the news is right because we want some more pink dolphins. It would be awesome if we had so many other pink dolphins in the world.

Watch this report in the video, and if you find that the pink dolphin looks amazing, share it with your family and friends. She deserves to be shared all over the universe.