The police officer stopped the lady and her dog to give them “FREE PIZZA”

4-7-2015 1-39-57 AM

Police officers are always around us to make sure that everything is going alright, and when someone doesn’t follow the rules, they get penalties, but what about those who follow it? Why don’t they have any prizes? That’s was in the past, now they get a gift card, for those who are behaving well, and the gift card is for a free slice of pizza.

Because the good acts are those that are not easily noticed. In this video, you will see this police man doing his best to encourage people to follow the rules, so when he sees people walking their dog with leash, he thanks them and gives them the gift card. Imagine how things would be if you are walking with your dog and you find a police officer stopping you, the first thing that will come to your mind is what I’ve done wrong? So you surprisingly find that the reason is to thank you and give you that card, so after that you will get a free slice of pizza and all because you followed the rules.

4-7-2015 1-40-11 AM

Citizens love the idea, well, who hates pizza? Who ever thought about getting pizza as a reward? The idea is brilliant in every single way. This idea was founded by Chief Jade Rory, who thinks that there are people who are following the rules despite any circumstances, and he believed that they need a medal for that. Now the police are looking for good people, this gift card helps them build the connections. I like this idea, it’s amazing, great job Farmington Police.

4-7-2015 1-40-57 AM

In case you want pizza, be a well behaved person, follow the rules and enjoy your free meal. Watch the full report in the video below, and if you like the idea, don’t hesitate to share it with your family and friends.