The puppy sits in the back seat, what she did was adorable.

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This video is adorable and Sasha the Dachshund dog is precious. Sasha, the three years old Dachshund dog, has to sit in the back seat of the car. Obviously, she doesn’t like that. She is basically telling her owner “Why can’t I sit with you in the front seat? I love front seats!” But what she’s got to know is that she is sitting in the back seat for her own safety. Sorry, Sasha, but we love you! I bet that she is just not used to being sat alone, her owner always is by her side. Sasha the Dachshund dog is very precious, isn’t she?

The dachshund dog is very tiny and cute, his short legs make him the cutest dog ever between all breeds, training them is very important, because they are rule breakers. A Dachshund dog is smart and intelligent; they are also full of energy. Also always watch out their weight, because a dachshund dog can easily become fat, so you have to exercise them daily to avoid that, also you have to schedule their meals. Maybe the dachshund dogs are short in legs by they are high in personality. It’s recommended to start carte training when you first bring your dachshund dog. Maybe dachshunds are small in size but they are loud in barks, so it’s also recommended to start training them on barking just in need.

No one can get enough of dachshund dogs; watch this funny video of a dachshund dog who is welcoming his owner every day in an adorable way. And don’t miss also to watch this video of Penny the dachshund dog and Liz lemon the cat, what happened between them is the cutest thing ever.

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Watch how the dachshund dog reacts when she was sitting at the back seat in the video below, and share it with your family and friends.