The Shiba Inu Dog will amaze you with the way he acts with his owner, Get ready to laugh… Hard.

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This video is so funny and full of laughs, actually it’s one of the best videos ever, it’s a compilation about one dog! And this dog is actually doing something that most of our pets do, they refuse our kisses for them, but this Shiba Inu dog figured out how to refuse all the kisses. You will have that feeling that you want to keep replaying it; it crossed 1 million views on YouTube already.

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It’s the story of an owner and his Shiba Inu, her owner just wanted to give her a kiss, but actually the dog is refusing that. The video is about how he tries to kiss her and how the dog is refusing that, in all funny and cute ways. She stopped him with her back legs, and some other funny scenes that will make you laugh a lot. Normal dogs love to be kissed by their owner; it’s a sign of love and care.

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A Shiba Inu dog is a very cute furry friend. The Shiba Inu dog learns really quickly, so it’s easy for you to train them, and that’s why it was easy to teach Kibo this trick. They are very playful, full of energy and protective but they love chasing any smaller animals. They are also very loyal, loving, and very funny,

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