The smallest horse with dwarfism thinks he is a dog, see his story!

7-1-2015 11-50-49 PM

Today you will meet a very extraordinary horse; he is not your typical horse, not only because of his size, but also the way he acts.

Meet Acer, a 3-year-old horse that has a dwarfism condition, which has him standing at 22-inches tall, even though miniature horses usually stand at least 2 feet and maximum 34 inches. So as his owner decided to call him, she says he is a “miniature-miniature” because he is just really small. And because of his size, Maureen O’Sullivan, his owner, lets Acer the horse wander inside her house that is in her Miniature Horse Farm in Corringham, Essex.

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Him wandering around the house probably has something with the fact that he does not think that he is a horse at all, and that’s because he had been friends since he was a fawn with his buddy, the household’s dog, the black Labrador Damon. However, he has to be watched when he is walking around in the house, because he is not house trained.

Maureen O’Sullivan thinks he is a one in a million, which is so true. He is believed to be the only horse with this size in Britain. Acer the horse’s owner even thinks that he is more a dog than a horse, and that he is something like a therapy animal when he goes for walks around the streets in town with her. People always stop to see the weird looking animal, and they are shocked by his size. He usually is the reason of traffic.

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How amazing is this? Despite his dwarfism, he has a loving owner, and people love Acer! He is definitely a one in a million horse, and I definitely wouldn’t mind if I had one at my house.

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