The Story of Alfie… From loneliness to lots of love


Every day we find lots of poor dogs that are trapped in the streets with no home, no shelter to feel safe in, with the entire world ignoring them, hoping for help with each passing day. But only few people answer that call of help.

Alfie was in the same situation somehow, he was lonely, with no name, and no family, no one to offer him food or water, just chained and left behind, outside the home ignored and muzzled. But the wired thing is that his owners did that, they left him barking all day with no place to sleep, with no caring or any kind of attention. He doesn’t need anything but love.

The barking has started to sound very loud and with the same horrible and hopeless condition every day. They started to call the police for help but with no answer for their emergency calls.

And at this point they took the right decision that changed the dog’s life forever. They jumped into the next house, took the chains off form the dog and they took him to their home, they truly saved him.

And finally the dog got a name, a family, a home, and owned the endless love, he also brought lots of happiness everywhere.  Alfie was an old dog , he really deserves a better life for his remaining years with no pain and harm.

Actually Alfie had a wonderful and adventures life, he went to the beach and had fun, he loves to swim, he owned lots of toys and a big garden to play in, he had a wonderful caring family, he went to lots of picnics. And the most important thing, he got all the love he needs, all the freedom he wanted. The kind family and the safest of all. The HOME.