The story of Bubba’s Survival, so touching


A horrible story, but the end of it will keep you satisfied. Bubba is a pit bull dog who had been abused by his owner Robert Lee; it’s horrible to be told. The man tortured his dog and abused him to the maximum level. Bubba was found harmed, with a fractured snout bone, and several breaking injuries in his skull, with lots of burns on his face, it was categorized under chemical burns with a lost eye affected by this chemical liquid, it’s a horrible and painful condition. And the most painful of all that, officers had found remains of three other dogs in Mr. Robert’s house, only one body was in good situation to get a necropsy performed. And the others were in horrible situations. This was added to the charges he is facing besides torturing Bubba.

The good side in the story is that Bubba is all well now, he is a strong dog, and he went on to make a full recovery. He is so healthy and recovered from all the injuries.

The court judge, Steve White, gave the right and maximum penalty of 15 years and 6 months in prison for torturing the dog Bubba.

Animals Rights organizations are doing their best to develop the laws of animal abuse, to apply the maximum properties on the abusers; penalty is in some cases are reaching execution. No differences between human and animals soul.That will decrease the cases of animal abuse, as we hope.


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