The story of Joel will inspire you; it’s a simple invitation for saving those innocent dogs.

Puppy Mill Survivor’s INCREDIBLE

Every day we hear lots of horrible stories about dogs’ abusing and abandoning, or about puppy mills which is like a puppy farm for using puppies for sale and business, which is just mean and inhumane, because it happens under the terror of animals and abusing which is a very hard condition. All that mills thing is against those animals rights, and surprisingly it’s not only happening for puppies, there is also a kitty mill, where all kinds are illegal.

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Joel is his name, he lived his life as a puppy mill “father” dog, he spent his life behind bars, and under all the conditions of abusing. Thankfully he was rescued by “National Mill Dog Rescue”, an organization that specialized in saving those dogs who were forced to live in mills. He was in a very bad condition; he wasn’t healthy, weak, and full of knotted dirty fur like it never had been trimmed before. When you look at him at the first time you will feel his pain, you will have the feeling that you want to save all the dogs in those horrible terror mills.

They trimmed him, he got the medical treatment he needed, and he got another chance to live. Joel is a miracle, he is a fighter, and he is a strong dog who deserves a safe home that gives him love unconditionally. Joel is an inspiration.

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Share it widely, let people know about those horrible mills, let them help to save dogs from the suffering, they deserve love. Just remember how much love and loyalty they give without reward, so what you will give them, only a second chance for LIFE.