The story of lacy and her dog karma and their relationship

2-26-2015 4-24-29 PM

Lacy, 6 years old, she is a beautiful and pretty girl, but she suffers from autism but lacy has a one and only friend, Karma the pit bull dog.

Since she entered her life, karma was her only companion, Lacy has no friends but karma, all Lacy’s classmates refused to have her as a friend or play with her, but she was lucky enough to have loving parents who prepared a wonderful surprise for her on that day, the surprise name was karma, and It was a simple invitation to start a new real friendship.

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They had very happy moments together, they played with each other’s and they spent their time reading, singing or playing on the piano, drawing and riding the bike, it’s a new different life full of happiness and joyfully actions, she loved karma so much and she didn’t even care that karma is just a pit bull, also karma didn’t care that lacy is suffering from autism. This video shows how much they love each other, and a collection of their best photos together that shows a lovely and unique relationship.

What is amazing about this story is that people most of time thinks that the pit bull dogs are dangerous, with a hard temper made only for the dog fights, but this story shows the truth about this breed.

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Watch this video of that boy who is autistic and his mother find out an amazing way to help him and make him happier, the way he reacted to this will melt your heart.