The story of the loyal dog that was aching for the death of his solider owner.

Loyal dog

Definitely, dogs are men’s best friend and they kept on proving that in every story, and if you own a loyal dog, make sure that you know that the world is yours, and that the most precious thing is between your hands. Loyalty is a common moral between all dogs’ breeds, not for special breeds as some people said. The best moral of a dog is being loyal for his owner.

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This video is an extremely heart wrenching one to watch. A soldier being put to rest is always touching. But to see his loyal dog lying in front of the casket will just break your heart to pieces, this loyal dog shows emotions at the funeral of his owner. Jon Tumilson was one of the 30 Americans who were killed on 6th August in Afghanistan. His funeral was attended by more than 1000 of his family members and his friends, and his loyal dog Hawkeye who was showing us the real meaning of loyalty. All the people who knew Jon said that his dog was a very important part of his life, and the most precious thing he ever had. Sometimes he called him as his son.

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This is definitely worth the short viewing time to watch, the video is only a few seconds, but the meaning is very deep and heart breaking. The video was attached with the music by Harold Britton and composed by Johann Pachelbel; the track name is “Canon in D”. The video was uploaded on YouTube and crossed the 8 million views. It will be amazing if you just shared this with your family and friends.