The story of the Rock Dog, you won’t believe the transformation of this pit bull.

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Imagine how it will be when you see a dog that is chained for a long time, alone and abandoned, without anyone who looks for him or care for his pain, at this moment, all what you are thinking about is what this dog did to live this miserable life? What did this dog do wrong to live in chains?
It all started when one of the rescuing teams received an email about a pit bull dog that is chained and left to die, the pit bull dog was abandoned by his owner, his owner left him without even thinking for a moment about what his dog will do and face without him.

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The rescuers arrived to the place and they were shocked from what they found, they were totally shocked from how the pit bull dog is looking like, the pit bull dog was skinny, you can see every single bone of his body, his skin was bleeding, full of wounds and his skin was so rod, when you look at him you will feel like this pit bull dog is made of rock.
They took the pit bull dog immediately to the vet, the started the medical treatment that he needs. They also started a special diet that will help him gain more weight. The journey of recovery started; day by day the dog was doing great, his skin was finally cleared from any wounds or injuries, he gained so much weight, he is looking awesome right now.

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When you will see the recovery stages, you will be totally amazed about it. Giving a new chance to an animal is the best thing ever, now the pit bull dog is living happily forever.
Watch the video of the rescue below and share it with all of your family and friends.