The Way These Cute Pandas Interact With Humans Is Surprisingly Amazing!

In the Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in the southwest of China, workers are being employed as panda nannies. Those caretakers key responsibility is to play with the adorable panda babies. Besides playing, these caretakers document the behavior of those babies, their first steps, and their lifestyle choices.


The Chinese giant panda is an endangered species. Those creatures are independent and shy by nature. In the wild, they rarely allow humans to contact them directly; they spend most of their day resting and seeking food. When they eat, they are used to set upright like humans, that is how they grasp bamboo stems by their front paws; they also use their strong jaws and teeth to bite the fibrous bamboo.

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Wild pandas consume 20 to 40 pounds of bamboo daily; they need such large amount to compensate their known digestion inefficiency. To obtain such food amount, they spend up to 16 hours a day seeking food and eating and they are almost asleep during the rest of the day.

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Panda infants are born blind; they weighonly around 140 grams at birth. They cannot even crawl until they are 3 months old. Baby panda also stays with their mother for 18 months. Moreover, baby pandas are born white; they develop their remarkable and loved coloring later.

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In the past, Chinese hunted pandas, as they believed they had magical power against evil spirits. Today, strict penalties are carried out when hunting them. There are only about a thousand of wild giant pandas; their species is classified as highly endangered. That is why such conservation projects are set, some good people are trying to save pandas from extinction.

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