Theia the dog dug her way out of her grave and got rescued.


Source: www.lifewithdogs.tv

Stray dogs face a lot of things; they face loneliness, and danger. Facing loneliness, they find that there is no one to take care of them, no one to pet or love them, and it hurts a lot. Feeling abandoned is a feeling humans hate to feel, same goes to dogs. They face a lot of danger, car accidents, or dog fights. They also face cruel people, how someone can easily push them out of the way but hitting them with their leg, or just throwing something at them. People don’t realize that dogs have feelings, and it should hurt you if you did something cruel to a dog.
This is the story of Theia the dog, in Washington, the adorable stray dog, she did not have any owner, and she was left abandoned with no one to love her. However, Theia the dog was lucky to have a loving neighborhood that gave her food and water so she wouldn’t starve. And just like I said above, dogs face danger. So Theia, about a month ago, was hit by a car, and left to die. Her injuries were a lot and so bad, and one of the neighbors thought that nothing could be done to save Theia, so they did something that people don’t think is so wise; they hit with a hammer, to give her a less painful death, and then they buried her.
However, despite her injuries, something miracle happened, she dug her way out! The neighbors were shocked to see her walking in the streets, seeking help.
Her story went viral and was posted on Facebook, and a woman named Sara Mellado took her in, and asked a friend to take Theia to Washington State Univeristy’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Theia the dog had a caved-in sinus cavity, dislocated jaw, and a few leg injuries. The hospital donated $700 for Theia when they knew her story, and helped her for her treatment.
However, the caved-in sinus cavity was caused by the hammer that she was hit with, she had nasopharyngeal stenosis which cramped her airflow, and she needed a surgery so she could breathe right, but it was expensive. So an online fundraiser was set, and surprisingly, they got $16,000 in a month, and their goal was $10,000.


Source: www.lifewithdogs.tv
Now Theia the dog gets to breathe properly, and a massive thank you to all the people who helped Theia. I hope all stray dogs one day get the chance to be rescued and loved. Now Theia the dog is living her life with Sara Mellado, which we want to thank also, and she is getting the care and love she deserves.
You can read her full story here:  http://www.lifewithdogs.tv/2015/04/dog-accidentally-buried-alive-digs-her-way-out-of-her-grave/