Their precious Pit bull puppy got stolen; see how he got back to his parents!

Pit Bull-puppy

When a heartless burglar broke in Jordan Quick and Jaimie Higuera’s house and took the most special and precious thing that have in life, Jax the dog, the two of them almost lost hope, and they were absolutely devastated. Jax is their 12-week-old Pit Bull puppy, and he was they wanted nothing more than getting him back. They knew the chances of him getting back were not many, but they did everything they could in order to find him. Thankfully though, Jax wanted nothing more than to come back.

This is Jax, the very adorable and happy Pit Bull.

Jordan and Jaimie created a Facebook page in hopes of getting their puppy back.

Pit Bull-puppy

But just as it seemed that he won’t come back…

Pit Bull-puppy

They got a call from someone, telling them that he saw Jax jumping off the back of a truck to escape the one who stole him.

Of course he got injured, fracturing his pelvis and he got all scraped up.

But he is the happiest! That’s the most amazing things and most important. Despite his injuries, he can still walk and play.

Pit Bull-puppy

He of course will need some surgeries, which will cost his lovable owners a lot. So it would be amazing if you help them, they set up a page on Go Fund Me to help in covering the fees of their Pit Bull puppy‘s surgeries, click here to go to their page. Jax definitely deserves getting healthier, and we’re so happy that he is back to his home.

It’s so inhumane how some people steal other people’s dogs, it’s just disgusting and hopefully, the law can do anything about it. Always be careful and have an eye for your dog, and make sure that you microchip your dog, so if he ever got stolen or lost, any shelter can identify him.