These Amazing Dogs Are Saving the Lives of Elephants in Africa


None of us can argue against the fact that the world is generally a much better place because of dogs. Besides being great life companions and amazing pets, the impact they make on the world is not just for humans and not just as pets.

Dogs can be police dogs, service dogs, or therapy dogs. And through these occupations they protect and amaze us every day. And in Africa, dogs managed to add one more thing to the long list of good thing that dogs are responsible for on earth!


The issue of wild animal poaching has been facing many species for a long time. And despite international efforts to preserve wildlife and protect it from cruel poachers, lots of animals are becoming victims of this cruel activity, and in turn lots of species are facing endangerment and extinction.

So in efforts to reduce the numbers of poached animals, the workers at Tarangire National Park in Tanzania are welcoming a different addition to their teams of park rangers.


With the help of Big Life Tracker Dog Unit, which provides highly trained tracking dogs, the Tarangire National Park is using the talent and loyalty of dogs to track down elephant poachers and capture them before they strike.

These dogs play a crucial role in preserving Tanzanian wildlife, and because of them, many elephants’ lives were saved.


What’s even better is the fact that some of the dogs in Big Life Tracker Dog Unit were actually stray dogs before they were rescued and trained by Big Life. And now, they give back by protecting wildlife. Because of their sharp senses and fitness, dogs are perfect for the job, and are used now by many parks around Africa.


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