These cute Shih Tzu puppies are learning to go downstairs, what the second puppy did was the cutest!

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I think that the most amazing time in puppyhood is when your puppy starts to discover the world around him, when he starts to learn how to howl and how to take his first step, same like babies, when you try to make him learn his first steps, when you try to teach him how to say a new word. But I think that things become more interesting when you have a pack of puppies, after your dog gives birth, when you start to help her raise her puppies and teach them some skills that they will need in life. This is what the owner of this Shih Tzu dog did with her two puppies, he was teaching them how to get down the stairs, and the result is: cuteness overload.

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This owner started to give them a lesson about how to get down the stairs, the first Shih Tzu puppy found it easy to complete the task, but it seems that the brown little puppy had a problem in doing that, she needed some help and encouragement from her mother. What happened to him while he was getting down the stairs was hilarious, but when momma came, everything was alright. What is funny about this video is the cat that came to check what is happening; the look on her face was priceless.

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You won’t find any smaller and cuter than Shih Tzu dogs, they are active and out-going, and they are very loyal dogs. They catch hearts from the first sight. Their coat is silky and long, it’s Chinese breed, it only weights from 5 to 7 kilograms, with a life span of 10 to 16 years old. Those dogs need a special care; the Shih-Tzu dog has a very long hair coat which needs special kind of grooming and caring. The Shih-Tzu dog needs a very special care, attention and hard work. Their hair must be groomed regularly, with a special care with the eye area while you are trimming the hair.