These dogs are in prison. You will not believe why!


In many ways, lots of people underestimate the positive effects that dogs and animals in general can have on people, regardless of what these people have done or where they come from. A dog’s love and care knows no limits, no color, no race, or no religion. The only condition a dog has in order to give a person their absolute love, is if that person is ready to give love back.
It’s not impossible to prove that dogs are one of god’s precious gifts to humanity on earth; they simply are here to make our lives a bit better with every move they make. They are a true blessing.


Those facts luckily were noticed by people who run the Philadelphia Prisons System and the State Correctional Institution at Graterford, who started a program called “New Leash on Life”. This program is based on quite a creative idea that helps all the people who participate. The idea is to pair inmates with at-risk shelter dogs.


These dogs are at risk of being euthanized. The inmates receive basic practice before being paired with the dogs, and the inmates’ job is to prepare these dogs for the American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen test. When an at-risk dog passes this test, they are eligible to be offered for adoption, and their chances of getting adopted increase a lot.

Also, the inmates benefit a great deal from the program. They are awarded certificates and also learn a lot of skills that makes them more able to engage in the job market after they are released. In addition, the strong bond that these inmates share with the dogs can be of great help for them psychologically.



So as you can see in the pictures, these dogs have done wonders for bettering the lives of the inmates and everyone around them. This shows us that it really is never too late to start a better life and embrace the second chances.