These “How To Be a Cat” Illustrations Will Crack You Up


Cats are definitely lovely pets. With their adorable faces and fluffy furs, they are quite hard to resist! And although cats are generally sleepy creatures, it’s undeniable that sometimes they get extra playful and extra curious, which is never a good combination! Cats playing with random objects is always fun to watch, until they break something, which usually happens! But still, we love cats more than anything, because nothing feels as good as the moment when they cuddle up to us and purr with happiness.




Ralph Lazar and Lisa Swerling are two people who recently started the website Last Lemon, http://lastlemon.com/, and it’s full of their brilliant illustrations. Ralph and Lisa came up with a brilliant idea, which is to illustrate a guide on how to be a cat! With the help of their fans, they made a big collection of illustrations that show us the reality of being a cat owner, and a cat lover.




All cats share lots of specific behaviours, like playing with the toilet paper, walking two steps ahead of their owners, and being extra playful only when it’s, like, 4 am! And those situations are what the illustrations show.



But you know what I think? I think those illustrations show us more than anything how strong pet love can be. Our pets, whether they are cats or dogs, annoy us in many ways, yet we withstand it all for one simple reason: we just love them!



Check out the awesome illustrations below, and tell us which one is your most favorite!




You can submit your own advice on How to Be a Cat here: http://lastlemon.com/cats/submit/, and don’t forget to like their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/how2beacat, and share these illustrations with all your fellow cat lovers!