These nuns lost their dog, so they decided to adopt a dog that doesn’t have a chance in getting adopted.


It’s amazing how some people do the kindest things for dogs, it’s just so heartwarming. These nuns did something amazing, and it will amaze you.


When nuns from a church lost their dog, they decided to adopt a dog that did not have a chance, a dog that isn’t anyone’s choice, and they headed to the local shelter to get that one lucky dog and they succeeded. Taking place in their local shelter, they met Remy, a nine-year-old beautiful Pit bull, she had spent a couple of months in a shelter named Hi Tor Animal Care Center, and she was not anyone’s choice.

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One of the nuns, Sister Veronica Medez, said that she wanted a dog that no one else would take, a dog that might be euthanized if they didn’t take her. And when she noticed the sign, “Nine Years” on Remy’s box, she quickly made her choice to take Remy home. She knew that if they did not take her, no one else would.

Remy had a bright personality, and when they took the dog to their home, she just brightened it, and her amazing personality shone. Remy is described as gentle, and very loving, she is a senior dog, and she is finally living the life she deserves. Thank god that these nuns decided to take her, she is such a beautiful and a perfect dog. God bless them!


This video is an invitation to adopt dogs, not buy them. Dogs at shelters need your loving hand, and they give the same amount of love that any other dog can give. These dogs, if not adopted, they will be euthanized, why? Because no one adopts them. Raise awareness for people to adopt, not buy. Go adopt dogs, make them live the life they deserve.

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Photo credit: Hi Tor Animal Care Center / Facebook