These tiny dogs think that they are big in size; watch now!

5-26-2015 10-41-50 PM

Tiny dogs are cute, funny, and playful; they are a bunch of joy and happiness coming in a little furry body. Want a proof? Just watch this funny yet hilarious compilation that shows how stunning tiny dogs are especially when they think that they are big dogs. In this funny compilation that was uploaded by America’s funniest home video’s YouTube channel, it shows tiny little puppies that actually think they are big; they don’t care about their size.

5-26-2015 10-42-31 PM

In this funny compilation, you will see that little dog at 0:19, he made me laugh hard, he tugged on the Golden Retriever dog’s tail, what the dog did next was hilarious, he started to spin around in circles with the little dog tugging on the tail, I have no doubt that the little dog was enjoying it, he feels like flying. But when it comes to that tiny puppy in 0:26, your laughter will get louder; this puppy is barking on the big dogs standing behind the glass window, he was like telling them, “You think I am small? No, one day I will grow up and I won’t be locked here, and you will get scared of me.”

5-26-2015 10-43-08 PM

We also find that sometimes big dogs give up in front of those little ones, when you see that Labrador dog in 0:33, he was tugging on that towel but he gave up in front of his little friend and left it for him, it seems that little dogs may not have enough power but they still have an amazing personality. I also stopped at that cat in 0:46 that was ready to fight with that Chihuahuas puppy, then she attacked him in a very funny move, I think that this cat is so much in love with watching wrestling to pull off the little dog that way.

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