These Two Dogs Were Found In The Streets Clinging To Each Other. Know Their Story!


Meet Arlo the Siberian Husky and his Poodle friend, Spot! The two dogs were found walking in the streets of Oakland, California and the two friends were taken by animal control and rescued by the Humane Society Silicon Valley (HSSV).

It is not known whether the two friends have been lifelong friends or just met while wandering in the streets and it is really not important. The important thing is that the two friends are there for each other, helping and protecting each other.


The staff of HSSV was sure that the two friends really love each other and they called them “the most adorable mismatched duo ever.” That what made them believe that the two friends would need to find a forever home together, they can’t be separated!

“They look out for each other and need a home together. Spot, the poodle, always sleeps on top of Arlo, the husky, and he looks out for her,” HSSV wrote on Facebook.

In order to commit the vow, the HSSV staff vowed to not separate the two dogs, they needed a long medical journey and TLC.


“Spot was actually so matted she was practically immobilized. A wonderful volunteer groomer named Cindy Perry freed her from her hair cage,” HSSV wrote.

When the groomed Spot came back to her kennel, Arlo had to sniff her to make sure that it was his friend!


“Arlo was okay but very, very emaciated. Hard to tell under all the fur – he only weighed 53 lbs,” the Humane Society explained. “Both he and Spot were pretty skinny when they were found and he got very sick, very quickly.”

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