These two men interrupted his dog walking. What happened next was crazy!

6-25-2015 5-20-10 PM

Being a dog owner has countless positive aspects about it. It’s not something new to say that dogs are great companions for any person regardless of that person’s age, gender, or status. They are extremely fun to be around and they just make life better. They are also very compassionate and protective. However, one of the most fun and relaxing activities that dog owners look forward to is the daily dog walking, it just helps you relax and spend some quality time with your dog.

So can you imagine if someone interrupted your walk and told you that you need to pay for a dog walking permit? How crazy would that be? This is what happened in this video with those dog walkers! Their reactions are the most funny to watch.

6-25-2015 5-21-39 PM

These two you tubers, Nash and Marcus, decided to play this awesome prank on people in a dog walking park. At first, they tried to stop people to talk to them but some of the dog walkers were just too busy or having too much fun with their dogs to care!
However, those who stopped were in for a big surprise. Nash and Marcus asked all sorts of weird questions, and the way people awkwardly responded was the most hilarious. I found it especially funny when they asked about the dogs’ sleeping positions, and when they conducted the “saliva test”! The prank is so creative and well-acted; I’m not surprised that people actually believed them!

The funniest part comes in the end when Nash and Marcus start talking about the dog walking permit. People’s mouths dropped to the floor when they heard of such a thing! Watch the video to see how they reacted.

6-25-2015 5-23-04 PM

I just love those light hearted pranks that make us laugh, it’s even better when there are dogs involved, like this one! Share this hilarious prank with your fellow dog lovers. What would you do if you were pranked that way?