These two sibling lion cubs had an eventful journey, but they stuck together through it all


If you go to Google and look up the list of endangered species worldwide, you will be so surprised by the huge amount of animals that are in that list, and the list is growing by a very quick and alarming rate. The lion species is marked as “vulnerable” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. That means that with lack of our help, soon enough there will be no lions left in the world, and that will have drastic effect on the cycle of wild life.

So, luckily, some humane people decided that it’s finally time to make efforts towards saving this species from extinction.

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When conditions in Gaza Strip became difficult, a man took the opportunity to buy these 2 lion cubs from the Rafah Zoo. For months, the two sibling cubs lived with the family, and very dangerously so, because lions were never fit for domesticated life.

The US rescue organization, Four Paws, then stepped in to save these unlucky cubs. After endless negotiations with the owners, they were finally able to get the cubs and take them to a safer, more fitting environment. Unfortunately, they both had skin diseases, and Mona, the female cub, had a swelling on the back of her head, which was caused by a previous stroke. The lions needed professional care, and thankfully, they were able to cross to Jordan where they are now kept at a quarantine center, soon to be moved to a better habitat in a natural sanctuary.

What’s particularly sweet about this story is how these two cubs stayed close together throughout their long, exhausting journey.

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Mona and Max were saved, however, there are a lot of exotic big cats facing life in the troubled country of Palestine, and we hope for a better future for the country and its animals.

Make sure you spread awareness and donate here: http://www.four-paws.us/.