They Approached A Stray Dog To Help And What They Saw Shocked Them!

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Animal Aid Unlimited staff approached a stray dog on the street with a massive tumor on her rear.

The poor dog was suffering from an enormous transmissible venereal tumor. Sadly, the tumor was open, extremely painful and she couldn’t stop licking it.

The unfortunate dog was extremely terrified and she wouldn’t let anyone  approach her. She even refused to let them feed her and ran away, so they had to follow her.

She became very wary of their presence and every time she noticed them, she ran away further!

At that point, they lost the sight of her, but after a long thorough search they found her again.

After many attempts, they finally managed to catch her!

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They were worried that such advanced cancer might not be possible to cure. But thanks to her strong will-force, despite such aggressive cancer, they knew they had to try and see what they can do to help her.

They gave her chemotherapy, nursing and love for 4 months.

See Missy today! She looks completely different!

She survived and thankfully,  her tumor is completely gone!

When you see her, you won’t believe she is the same dog!

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Animal Aid Unlimited is one of the most inspirational organizations that makes a great effort in changing these stray animals’ lives. I’m so grateful for everything they do, every moment they spend and every effort they exert.

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