They cut her limb with a knife! What happened next was surprisingly shocking!

2-7-2015 9-51-14 PM

It’s one of the most heartbreaking stories that I’ve ever listened about. In Cairo, Egypt, a horrible thing happened to a stray dog who is living abandoned in the streets and she was pregnant and she was about to give birth in a few days.

3 cruel men caught the stray dog and cut one of her back legs with a knife, it was one of the most horrible acts that I’ve ever seen, the criminals left the dog to die and escaped. After a while, the dog started to walk again, bleeding and horribly in pain, till some passing by man saw her bleeding from her deep injury. They gave the first aid for the stray dog, and they stopped the bleeding, and gave her Analgesic to reduce the pain. But what happened next was a surprise, the stray dog gave birth to her puppies on the same day, the poor dog was having too much pain, the pain of giving birth and the pain of her injured legs.

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People shared the picture of the dog on Facebook, it went viral, the one who posted the photos said that the dog is screaming from pain and is need for help immediately. And thankfully, someone went to the dog and rescued her with her newborn puppies.

The dog went immediately with her puppies to the vet for the medical check, and for nursing the puppies. Shockingly, the stray dog got dehydration and infection on the exposed bones, but sadly the dog needs an operation because the wound and the bones are infected, but after the operation the dog won’t be able to nursing her little puppies.

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Now, they are searching for a lactating mother to start the surgery within days. We hope that the dog gets well soon, and we also hope for her to find a safe home and a loving owner to adopt her and her puppies. And we are very thankful for those who rescued her.