They delivered a new baby, the way they introduced him to the two boxer dogs is amazing

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Even you already have a baby, it is never too late to train your dog to receive your newborn, starting early as soon as possible will be better and will bring you good results. So the scientists recommend putting your pet in a private room or dog kennel for dogs or high shelf for cats, where they can’t be disturbed and to be its private place. Also don’t forget to put with his food bowl and his favorite toys, this will help you to take care of your baby and if you have home works you would be able to finish it.

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When those boxer dogs entered to see the baby, their owners were pretty care the way that they introduce the baby to them, at first their dad has gave them the baby towel to smell it, then he started with the eldest one Macey the 5 year old to meet their new born, Macey was wandering about the new creature that she see trying to find out what is going on, she tries to smell her bed to discover what is inside it, but finally she realized that she is her new sister, then she tried to get a close look on the baby, their dad let Macey out and allow to Vanda the 1 year old to enter, her reaction was so priceless, she was so excited when she saw her new sister waging her tail trying to find out the tiny creature in the bed, she finally calm down and it appear she understood that the new creature is beloved for their parents, then he let to Macey to enter again to allow to both of them to meet the baby at the same time, although they have another interests with the dining table, they come back again to see the cute baby, what a beautiful and smart way those parents used to introduce their dogs to their new adorable baby.

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