They Didn’t Imagine This Kitten Would Survive.. But Look At Him Now!


Kittens who have been dumped or abandoned at a very young age have small chance of survival. They need non-stop care, love, warmth, and a place where they can find all of these factors. Sadly, stray cats can be killed effortlessly  and that leaves their little kittens behind all alone with no care.

This is the case in this story of an only ten day old kitten that was discovered and taken to the Purrfect Pals Cat Shelter in Arlington, Washington. The tiny kitten’s eyes were still closed, and staff of the shelter weren’t sure if it could survive or not!


The tiny kitten was infected with so many fleas that she was almost anemic. The kitten was finally treated and brought in by a foster mom who made sure it was kept warm, loved and safe inside her shirt.

As time went by the kitten was given the name, Bobby.  Bobby started to gain some strength and in short time his eyes were open. He could eventually see the loving person who had been taking care of him all that time.


Now at eight weeks old, Bobby is getting better and better, and spends his time and plays around as any normal kitten does.

He may not have his mother’s love surrounding him nor teaching him how to play. He will learn what he needs the most to survive and grows up healthy before he would be put up for adoption eventually.


It is astonishing what this kitten has been through in his short age.  It is amazing how care and love can save souls!

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