They Didn’t Know This Dog’s Breed Until It Grew! OMG!


For some reasons, many people like purebred dogs more than mutts, who usually are the last dogs to be adopted at shelters. Their loss is other people’s gain because those who prefer mutts for their strength, beauty and cleverness.

The story begins when a man learned about a homeless puppy who was desperately in need for help, he knew he had to do his best and help the puppy. Once his eyes were set on the puppy, he realized she would be special to him. So he adopted her!


This charmingly sleepy puppy is named Phoebe.

Her new family rescued her from the streets, because she was homeless and as a result she rewarded them with the most pleasing personality.

The amazing Phoebe is a rare Golden Retriever and Husky mix, she is a combination of beauty, loyalty, friendship, love and gives extra cuddly doses. That’s what makes her very special!


When Phoebe grows up, she will most certainly look a little something like this dog, he is another retriever husky mix!

He is too good to be true!

Here is another retriever husky mix dog. Its beauty is obviously shown in its eyes! Such charming and captivating eyes!



These dogs are too adorable. I mean look at Phoebe I want to squeeze her.

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