they found a bulldog puppy unconscious on the street! What happened then changed her life!


Second chances, love, care; those were the things that changed Princess’s life. The 15 month old English bulldog was very lucky dog, and you will fall in love immediately with her after watching her playing. Princess the French bulldog was found lying unconscious on the street, her condition was not good at all. Her body was riddled with demodex mange. The bulldog puppy was so weak; you can see how hard it was for her to try to stand up. She was skinny and starving, weighing about 18 pounds only! In her age a bulldog should weigh about 45 pounds on average.

The person who found her in this condition took her immediately to the vet to check on her and save her life. They were shocked to discover that her mange has never been treated since she was a puppy. And the truth behind why she was abandoned is that her owners bought her from a pet store and when they found that the little puppy is sick with mange, they gave up on her and returned her to the pet store! And the man responsible for this store had dumped her! It’s heartless isn’t it?

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But now Princess is ok, and thankfully she is expected to make a full recovery, and surprisingly gained a few pounds. This is simply how love and care changed the life of this bulldog. It’s like an endless magic that totally changed her life.

The video shows when it was the time for Princess the bulldog to go to her foster home until she completes her journey of recovery to be ready for adoption. She is waiting for her new home, and for her truly loving owner.

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It’s very mean to give up on a pet just because they get older or are getting sick! A pet is for life, not for entertaining.

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